Welcome to Canvas Hotels.

A unique place where you get to experience glamping and activities.

Camp bilde Telemark

The Canvas Hotels are not like other hotels.

Our goal is that you get the feeling of nature, adrenaline, the silence, warmth and cold and a sense of enjoyment.

Accommodation is definitely a part of the experience at Canvas Hotels. We offers several exciting options, at least for those who think a standard hotel room is boring. Do you want to live in a hanging tree tent or a Mongol luxury yurt with a copper bathtub? The choice is yours.

Mat Telemark - hovedrett

Restaurant Canvas Hove

Chef Frode Laupsa has returned to Sørlandet after 22 years in Oslo exile, where he opened the Michelin restaurant Restaurant Oscarsgate.

He has worked as a food consultant at the Culinary Academy, cook at the food-mecca Palace Grill and is a former member of the Norwegian national cookery team.

Frode Laupsa is now running all the food offers on Canvas Hove and Canvas Telemark.

We promise you a quality meal with a lot of short travelled ingredients, good prices and quality-conscious chefs.


Online booking is not available in English per today, but we accept all card payments using MasterCard/VISA. To book online, you can use Google Chrome to translate the site into English in order to understand more as you make the booking.

Go to and translate from Norwegian to English. You will get the option to then open the site in English. Note that the English text may not always be completely accurate.


You can also contact us at to make your reservation manually.

We will need the following information:

– Your name, address, phone number and email

– What you wish to book (Yurt/tent, date, activities, additional orders)

– Names of everyone staying


Contact information

Telephone: +47 370 30 400

For questions and bookings please contact us



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